Magnesium Oxide (MgO) Board

Magnesium Oxide Board aka "MgO Board" is a type of non-insulating sheathing board just like gypsum board and cement fibre board, however with several improved characteristics. Magnesium Oxide Board is virtually impervious to fire, water and insects, it's also resistante to mould and mildew, with very good flexibility, adherence advantages and so on.

It is a kind of environmental-friendly board which is widely used in construction and decoration. It is a new type non-flammable material made of light weight materials, the main mineral being magnesium oxide (MgO).

Raw Materials

Magnesium Oxide Board is made by  Magnesium oxide [MgO], Magnesium chloride [MgCl2], Wood chips, Perlite [SiO2], Fiberglass Mesh, Mon-woven cloth, Linking composite materials etc.

The stable magnesium celluloid is reinforced by glass fibre netting. It has the advantageous features of being light weight, strong, very low contraction properties, flexible yet impact resistant. It has excellent drainage properties, is fire resistant, and is very easy to work with.



Technical Data of MgO Board

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Advantages & Applications of MgO Board

  • Ratings and testing: Fire-resistant; Waterproof; Mold/fungus/bug free; Impact-resistant; NYC approved; Silica/asbestos free.
  • Can be used in the place of traditional drywall or cement boards. No special tools required.
  • Hard non-absorbent surface – no paper.
  • Can be used in applications like cement-based siding.
  • Available in colors.
  • Energy efficient – It is removed from ore at about 25% of the temperature (400-800 °F) required to form CaO, the starting material for the preparation of slaked lime or portlandite used in common mortar and plaster.
  • Magnesia boards have been mentioned in articles about biologically friendly construction and risks of mold infection.
  • Comparable in cost to cement board made from Portland cement, with numerous advantages over that material for wet applications.

The Magnesium Oxide Boards can be scored and snapped, sawed, drilled, and fastened to wood or steel framing.  MgO boards are a good example of the advances made in construction materials to meet changes in building codes for safety and durability.

Application Area:

  • Interior and Exterior siding of building
  • Providing fire insulation
  • Production of fire door , fire proof shaft cover and production of furniture
  • Construction of suspended ceiling and elevated floor
  • Sound insulation
  • Prefabricated and lightweight steel constructions
  • Fire insulation of carrier systems in heavy steel constructions
  • Insulation of cold storages
  • Interior partition wall systems
  • Floor concrete as sub floor support material
  • Places where water and humidity are effective