Magnesia Brick

Magnesia Brick is one of the most widely used basic refractory bricks which is made with more than 90% magnesium oxide (MgO). Different grade magnesites used as raw materials produce Magnesia bricks of various qualities. It has excellent superior high temperature performance and strong slag resistance. Magnesia Brick is widely used in steelmaking furnace, electric furnace, rotary cement kiln, heating furnace, glass furnace and hyperthermia tunnel kiln.

There are two types of Magnesia bricks:

Burned Magnesia Brick

  • Material and Technique: Magnesia as raw material
  • Property: Good high temperature performance, strong slag resistance
  • Application: Used in permanent linings of EAF and steel Convertors, lime kilns, glass tank regenerators, torpedo cars, and non-ferrous furnaces

Fused Magnesia Brick

  • Material and Technique: Fused magnesia, shaped under high pressure, fired under ultra high temperature, and finished with post technical treatment
  • Property: High bulk density, good high-temperature performance, and strong hydration resistance
  • Application: Used in the tapping hole of convertors with severe slag corrosion and wear, the slag line of non-ferrous furnaces, the tapping hole of metal mixer furnaces, and chimney block of glass tank regenerator