Magnesia Alumina Brick

Magnesia Alumina Brick is made from high quality magnesia and alumina bauxite with phases of periclase and spinel. It's a high quality Magnesia product with good high-temperature performance, high thermal shock resistance, strong slag resistance, and high RUL performance and widely used in steel ladle, permanent lining of steel furnace, iron mixer and other refractory material industry furnaces.

Magnesia Alumina Spinel Brick

Magnesite Alumina Spinel Brick is newly developed environmental friendly product with high quality performance for the cement kiln and glass kiln markets. It has won huge success in both domestic and oversea markets.

  • Material and Technique: made from high purity magnesia and synthetic magnesite-alumina spinel clinker with major phases of periclase and spinel
  • Property: good high temperature performance, high thermal resistance, strong slag resistance
  • Application: used in the transition zone in cement rotary kilns, glass tank regenerators, lime kiln and the refractory material zones where experiences great temperature change